someone great on our planet has passed.   Usually we think of a family member, beloved friend or other iconic human in our lives.  My dog, Bo-Diddly, went into that great beyond a week ago.  Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows the loss is shockingly deep.  Pets represent our souls, that part of us that is unconditionally loved and constant.  So, when I lost Bo, it was hard to face that loss of love, being seen and loved.  I had help during this time from a woman who is a pet communicator, and whatever you believe, having her tell me Bo’s last request (a big-t-bone steak, and real ice cream, none of that fake stuff) was fun… and enlightening.  Bo knew me.  He didn’t want to go as he saw himself as my guardian.  “Who will look after her so her breast cancer doesn’t come back?  I want to be here when she finishes her book.  You are giving away too many pieces of yourself, you need to give to you first.  It’s so unfair people live longer than pets.” So, huge disclaimer, but the way he said it, it sounded a bit like a cranky old man, if George Burns were a dog.  I loved hearing his insights and especially his fear of passing.  He was in pain and unable to walk to get up, so the doctor felt it was the best thing.  Doctor P and Bo had a very special connection, so I knew it was probably right, his time… even though I still cannot imagine a world without Bo.

Share your thoughts about your dog and for sure know, that I am healing.  I just see him everywhere still and it is hard to imagine my world with out him… today a great wind blew and with it some of my thoughts of Bo.